TAP 0073

The Tap is a round built-in handle that has been designed for use in sliding doors and on furniture where protruding handles are not feasible. Basic, practical and ergonomic. It is practical and perfect for all types of surroundings and furniture whether it be in the office or in children’s bedrooms. The Tap is an excellent aesthetic choice, as its round shape acts as a geometric, decorative visual reference point. Made in zamak and available in a matt metallic finish and in the finish, which is currently trending, of matt black.

  • Name TAP
  • Model 0073
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Viefe® Team

Sizes table

P1 26 NEW!      
Chrome look
Matt black
D D1  Box
0073040ZP1 0073040ZM2 40 36 25
0073060ZP1 0073060ZM2 60 55,8 25

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