LUV WOOD 0664 / 0665 / 0671

“Luv”, a word widely used in sailing, means “against the wind” in German and is the source of inspiration for this handle which reminds us of smooth undulating lines as found on sails and barges. The Kaschkasch studio describes it as an elegant handle with an organic spirit and a playful touch.

The light, but strong, Luv Wood handle, made from certified wood, has a warm, Nordic-looking design that adds a touch of quality, whatever the space. It is a handle with an iconic design, distinguished by that upper curve that has proved a huge success with interior design professionals and private individuals around the world. It is available in single-sided and double-sided installation systems, making it ideal for swing or sliding doors. Its smooth lines and natural texture make it extremely pleasant to use. In combination with Luv wooden coat racks, it creates minimalist environments full of balance and wellness, whether in residential or hotel projects. 

  • Name LUV WOOD
  • Model 0664 / 0665 / 0671
  • Material Wood
  • Designer Kaschkasch

Sizes table

W16 W17 WM2            
Oak Walnut Oak matt black lacquered C1 C2 L Holes Box  
0664384W16 0664384W17 0664384WM2 384 418,5 2 2  
0664992W16 0664992W17 0664992WM2 992 496 1026,5 3 2  
0665384W16 0665384W17 0665384WM2 384 418,5 2 2 Available with one side system
0665992W16 0665992W17 0665992WM2 992 496 1026,5 3 2 Available with one side system
0671384W16 0671384W17 0671384WM2 384 418,5 2 1 Available with back to back system
0671992W16 0671992W17 0671992WM2 992 496 1026,5 3 1 Available with back to back system
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