DUO mini 0658

For many years, traditional wood-turning mills were one of the most important industries in our region, the Ges Valley (Barcelona). Many of them specialised in the manufacture of games, similar to the legendary Burr puzzle with its refined shapes, which inspired the designer Ilja Huber to create the Duo handle.

Duo Mini is a warm, Nordic-style handle with a good grip. Linear and free of superfluous details, the aluminium base and wooden handle create a balanced duo perfectly suited to modern spaces imbued with tranquillity. The German designer Ilja Huber created it from an impeccable square shape which, far from being aggressive, is very pleasant to use. It is ideal for offices and contract projects. It goes perfectly with kitchen appliances, where it can be applied vertically or horizontally, while combining different dimensions to produce more dynamic settings. It is made of certified wood.

  • Name DUO mini
  • Model 0658
  • Material Aluminium + wood
  • Designer Ilja Huber

Sizes table

NM2716 NM2717 NM2M2          
Lava grey + Oak Lava grey + Walnut Matt black + Oak matt black lacquered C L Holes Box  
0658160NM2716 0658160NM2717 0658160NM2M2 160 194,6 2 25  
0658320NM2716 0658320NM2717 0658320NM2M2 320 354,6 2 25  
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