LIDD 0635

The unique view provided by circular windows is the starting point for Ilja Huber’s Lidd handle. Capped and partially covered by an “eyelid”, the handle offers numerous options for attachment and brings a unique perspective to its surroundings, along with exceptional functionality.

Lidd is a practical, recessed handle made of zamak that can be used with just two fingers. Its small, circular volume means it can be fitted in small spaces or pieces of furniture, offering extraordinary qualities designed for use in kitchens, bathrooms and small cupboards. The position of its “eyelid” can be changed to produce creative compositions that convey dynamism. It can also add a vintage touch when fitted to furniture whose colour contrasts with the tones of its finish. Available in brushed nickel, titanium black, brushed brass cava, matt white and matt black. It is very easy to mill and clean.

  • Name LIDD
  • Model 0635
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Ilja Huber

Sizes table

Z23 Z33 Z618 Zm1 ZM2      
Brushed nickel Titanium black Brushed brass cava Matt white Matt black Holes Box  
0635048Z23 0635048Z33 0635048Z618 0635048ZM1 0635048ZM2 2 25  
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