In each detail

The design is visible in each detail from the materials used, to the instructions for installation or the lineal design that defines each model and makes it unique. Ergonomics, efficiency and aesthetics can be found in versatile products that can adapt to kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and all types of furniture.


We collaborate with a team of multidisciplinary designers who are constantly experimenting, investigating and innovating. There visionary focus and sensitivity enrich the design narrative of our brand. Our products make sense thanks to them.

Frank Person

Industrial designer. Creative. Precise. Careful. His designs are characterized by their durability and intelligent use. Under the philosophy of concept, design and production, he’s a member and co-owner of the design studio “fp.formgebung”.

Patricia Roig

Industrial designer and product developer. Passionate and enthusiastic, her designs show the balance between simplicity and functionality, expressed to its maximum. Winner of the tenth Viefe® design competition.

Sung Sook Kim

Designer, director of art and designer of cosmopolitan interiors. She investigates and experiments with design and how it can be applied. With her own studio in Milan, she collaborates with international fashion, architecture and industrial design companies.

Héctor Diego

Formal correction and proportion as a fundamental premise. Projects that seek timelessness as an added value so as to avoid passing fads and appreciating detail whether technical or constructive.

Alexis Vivet

Industrial designer. Purist. Fan of functionality. Perfectionist. He works on product design and has many years of experience in the furniture design sector. He also carries out interior design projects and collaborates with companies with links to the world of accessories. .

Oriol Barri

Industrial designer. daring. Methodical. Perseverant. he has worked as an interior designer and as a jewellery designer. He collaborates with architects studios and carries out his own design projects in different sectors.

2J Design

They are a team of industrial designers. Innovators. Cosmopolitan. Creative yet at the same time, realists. They like to surprise and like to contemplate the design of knobs and handles from new perspectives. They also work for the fashion sector and the world of contemporary jewellery.


José Teruel is an architect. Ignasi Paré is a designer. They are both imaginative, like to reflect on things and are precise. Together they for the partnership Teruel-Paré, an industrial and interior design studio that works on projects associated with furniture, lighting, and accessories for the home.


Writers of children’s stories and creators of products for infants. Imaginative. Sensitive. Original. Their stories involve puppets made from recycled material. They are linked to various initiatives that unite illustration, creativity and childhood.

Viefe® Team

The creative laboratory of Viefe®. Comprising of an innovative team with great technical expertise. This is where all our timeless brand designs come from. We specialize in new combinations of shapes and materials.

Studio Balutto Associati

They are elegant purists, based in Udine and have a passion for detail. Their designs are always based on a long process of research which includes experience acquired in different parts of the world. Specialized in interior and industrial design, involved in many architecture and contract projects.

Are you an industrial designer and would like to collaborate with us? Send us your book, and if some of your work appears of interest to us then we’ll get in touch with you.