Design defines us

We collaborate with a team of multidisciplinary designers who experiment, investigate and innovate constantly. Their visionary focus …

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Objective: excellence

We are constantly striving to improve. We are even more demanding than our customers. Responsibility, quality, rigorousness are …

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Across five continents

Our knobs and handles can be found in more than 70 countries across five continents. From Asia to America passing through …

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Viefe News

The latest about Viefe® is published on our blog, a space that we update weekly with suggestions as regards our products, news, fashions and anything that may inspire us.
New line of wall hooks

Small details that can transform walls

After more than 10 years creating knobs and handles, we have broadened our horizons and created our first line of wall hooks. They are accessories that bring image and functionality to your walls. They decorate and order. They contribute and transform.They are practical, aesthetic and extremely original.

Long handles

Our wide variety of long handles for cupboards is ideal for doors with large dimensions. We have sizes that reach at least 1,800 mm in height.

Viefe® page by page

Discover all the secrets of our decorative design accessories. Their characteristics, references, installation diagrams and the images that best define them, they can be found in the pages of our catalogues. They contain the latest trends in decorative accessories and all the necessary information you need to understand the Viefe® universe.

Our catalogues are available in digital and printed format. Have you got yours?

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We care about the world we live in. That’s why we keep a firm check on the environmental impact of our activity and manufacture products that may be recycled and that respect the surrounding environment. We work in order to maintain a green planet for our future generations …

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We are a way of understanding decoration and the difference that design accessories can make. Behind each Viefe® product there is a long creation process that starts when the design team projects their initial idea and ends at the moment the knob or handle …

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Get to know the faces behind our products. Different people that share the same passion for their work …



In 2009, Marc Font and Josep Font, grandchildren of the initial founders of Font Vergés decided to reinvent…


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