We started making buttons…

Viefe® belongs to Font Vergés, a button manufacturing company established in 1932. For many years Font Vergés specialized in the manufacture of small fashion accessories made from wood, metal acrylic and polyester. This was until 2009 when Marc Font and Josep Font, great-grandsons of the founders, decided to reinvent themselves and started to make knobs and handles. The experiences of the past opened up the doors to the future. That’s how Viefe® came to be.

Connected to the world

How could the founders of the company have possibly known that one day, by just clicking on a screen, their company would be connected to the world. Since the beginning, Viefe® has firmly believed in modern technologies and has been one of the pioneering companies in their sector as regards having an active presence on social media. Today we are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest. Tomorrow who knows which platforms we will be on… What we do know is that we will always be trying to be as close to our customers as possible.