At Viefe® we care about the world we live in.

That’s we control the environmental impact of our actions and create recyclable products that are respectful to the environment. We work towards leaving a green planet for our future generations.


We keep a check on the origins of our materials with which we make our products. We will only use wood extracted from European forests that are managed in a sustainable way.


We ensure that the materials from which our products are made is recyclable. Our wish is that tomorrow, when they are no longer of use to us, they can then be transformed into something else.


Our design try to minimize the maximum size of our knobs and handles in accordance to their functionality. This allows us to save on natural resources so as not to waste energy.


We are maximizing the reduction of our use of electrical energy and CO2 emissions. We are also modifying our production process to reduce waste and to substitute the use of glue for mechanical assembly.


We use packaging made from recyclable materials which adapt to each piece to reduce energy consumption and space during the transport process.


Via the optimization of transport logistics, we are reducing atmospheric emissions. By transporting in larger volume and making more rational use of storage space, we are storing more products in less space.

Percentages of eco-improvements since 2013

The future of our natural surroundings and the durability of our products leads us to be even more demanding in all the processes that we carry out. We apply our own methods of control to certify the origins of materials and the environmental impact of all the stages of manufacturing, packaging and transport. The ISO 14001 certificate acts as a guarantee of this.

Waste reduction40%
Use of recyclable materials90%
Reduction of CO2 footprint25%
Optimitzation of transport logistics43%