MOULE 0650

Attracted by the simplicity and functionality of garage doors in large metropolises, the German studio Kaschkasch has designed the Moule recessed handle. It is an element that embraces or “bites” the piece of furniture, making it a unique stand-out feature thanks to the purity of its forms.

Moule is an elegant handle that stylises and embraces the furniture, covering the tops of drawers and cupboards. Made of zamak, its flange gives it a distinctive personality to adds its own style to its surroundings. After milling, its precision recess leaves it perfectly flush and integrated into all types of cabinets. It has a good grip and is ideal for turning furniture into striking, decorative elements. Available in titanium black, brushed brass cava, matt white and matt black, it can be installed horizontally or vertically.

  • Name MOULE
  • Model 0650
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Kaschkasch

Sizes table

Z33 Z618 ZM1 ZM2      
Titanium black Brushed brass cava Matt white Matt black Holes Box  
0650128Z33 0650128Z618 0650128ZM1 0650128ZM2 2 25  
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