FIRM 0506

Firm is a handle with a vintage, industrial aesthetic, available in a black textured finish which brings personality and transgression to all types of surroundings. Designed by Frank Person, this zamak handle is available in four different sizes which allow you to create an infinite number of combinations. Taking care of even the finest details, Firm includes two false screws to maximize its industrial image and make it a perfect fit for the most modern of decorative styles.

  • Name Firm
  • Model 0506
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Frank Person

Sizes table


M22 C L Holes Box
Textured black          
0506064ZM22 64 93,8 2 25
0506096ZM22 96 125,8 2 25
0506160ZM22 160 189,8 2 25
0506320ZM22 320 349,8 2 25
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