FIRM 0506

Different but the same, the Firm collection of knobs and handles designed by Frank Person is inspired by the details to be found on large industrial components. The influence of the aesthetic from German factories, with its typical order and balance, has led to Person developing this collection which really speaks for itself. Each piece from the Firm collection is different in its shape, but they all share a textured black finish that we can find in both elements of machinery and also in the robust architecture of industrial structures.

The knob and the inverted pan shaped handle broaden the range of this family of handles which, from its inception, has added a groundbreaking sense of character to all types of environments. With its elegant black finish, this collection is the ideal accessory for decorative projects which are looking to make a difference such as in shops, private residences, kitchens with an industrial aesthetic and contemporary bathrooms. It combines perfectly well with vintage and rustic style furniture. The knob from the Firm range can be fitted to framed doors either vertically or horizontally. Similarly, a combination of handles with the ergonomic pan shape allows you to create homogeneous environments with unique personality.

  • Name Firm
  • Model 0506
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Frank Person

Sizes table

Textured black C L W H Holes Box  
0506045ZM22 45,8 24 29,9 1 25  
0506064ZM22 64 93,8 24,5 29,5 2 25  
0506093ZM22 64 93,8 34 28 2 25  
0506096ZM22 96 125,8 24,5 29,5 2 25  
0506160ZM22 160 189,8 24,5 29,6 2 25  
0506320ZM22 320 349,8 24,5 29,6 2 25  



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