LIPP 0603

The subtle curvature of the Lipp handle evokes the shape of the rapids and river beds of the big canyons as found in North America. The designer Alexis Vivet has taken inspiration from these spectacular rock formations carved out by water over millions of years in order to give personality to this handle. Lipp is an accessory with organic foundations that emits a harmonious feeling just like the landscapes on which its design has been inspired.

Lipp is characterized by its smooth, elegant curves which give shape to its profile giving it a markedly contemporary aesthetic. Manufactured in zamak, it has a very pleasant feel and is practical and functional to use. The brushed, cava colored brass version constitutes an added bright point when fitted in kitchens and bathrooms. By contrast, in its matt black version it takes on more sobriety which makes it a perfect decorative accessory for cupboards and spaces with an industrial aesthetic where handles with character are required.

  • Name LIPP
  • Model 0603
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Alexis Vivet

Sizes table

Z618 ZM2          
Brushed brass cava Matt black C L Holes Box  
0603192Z618 0603192ZM2 192 205 2 25  
0603320Z618 0603320ZM2 320 333 2 25  
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