LUV Zamak 7037

Luv means “against the wind”, in German it’s a word which is widely used in navigation, a source of inspiration for this wall hook which reminds us of smooth undulating lines as found on sails and barges. At the Kaschkasch studio, they describe it as an elegant yet at the same time fun and sexy wall hook.

The Luv wall hook is a designer piece which unites the aesthetic with the functional to offer a practical and elegant solution. Through its various different finishes such as brushed nickel, brushed cava coloured brass, matt white and matt black, Luv manages to cover any requirement for organization with a certain style. Its compact style makes it a perfect choice for small spaces such as hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms. It also comes in a wooden version.

  • Name LUV
  • Model 7037
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Haschkasch

Sizes table

Z23 Z618 ZM1 ZM2      
Brushed nickel Brushed brass cava Matt white Matt black Holes Box  
7037017Z23 7037017Z618 7037017ZM1 7037017ZM2 1 12  


Fixation with screw

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