RISS mini 0645

“Riss” means “crack” in German. A concept that the Kaschkasch studio reinterprets to create the Riss handles, based on linear crevices present in nature. The purist design is characterised by vertical lines combining with one another in perfect balance to give the handle an innovative appearance enhanced by its different versions in fashionable colours.

Riss Mini is a different kind of aluminium handle, which adds character to furniture and suits a wide range of interior design projects. As well as its smaller size, its seven available colours – matt white, matt black, moss grey, forest green, mocca brown, volcano red and midnight blue – give it versatility and ensure its successful integration with all kinds of furniture and spaces. The paint finish makes it soft to the touch and provides a very pleasant grip. The combination of different sizes allows for a wide range of decorative options and surprising results.

  • Name RISS mini
  • Model 0645
  • Material Aluminium
  • Designer Kaschkasch

Sizes table

LM1 LM2 LM25 LM31 LM43 LM72 LM82          
Matt white Matt black Moss grey Forest green Mocca brown Volcano red Midnight blue C L Holes Box  
0645192LM1 0645192LM2 0645192LM25 0645192LM31 0645192LM43 0645192LM72 0645192LM82 192 207 2 25  
0645320LM1 0645320LM2 0645320LM25 0645320LM31 0645320LM43 0645320LM72 0627058Z07 320 335 2 25  
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