RILLE 0528

The name of this handle comes from the word “Rille” which means slot or furrow. Slots are precisely the essence of this design, the element on which its functionality depends. When creating it, the designer, Patricia Roig, wanted to add a distinctive feature to such a simple shape as a cylinder to give it visual personality, while at the same time improving its grip.

Designed by Patricia Roig and available in stainless steel, dark brushed brass and brushed black, the Rille handle is ideal to add a touch of modernity to all types of areas. It has an elegant appearance with curved lines and maximum functionality. The long version can adapt to rustic surroundings that require more presence and solidity to balance out other elements either in bedrooms living rooms or kitchens. Despite its presence, aluminum makes it light and functional. A complement that incorporates the most current trends in its design.

  • Name RILLE
  • Model 0528
  • Material Aluminium
  • Designer Patricia Roig

Sizes table

24 291 30          
Stainless steel look Brushed dark brass Brushed black C1 C2 L Holes Box
0528055L24 0528055L291 0528055L30 55 1 25
0528160L24 0528160L291 0528160L30 160   190 2 25
0528320L24 0528320L291 0528320L30 320   350 2 25
0528480L24 0528480L291 0528480L30 480   510 2 25
0528992L24 0528992L291 0528992L30 992 496 1022 3 15
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