PEAK 0444 Knob

Peak is an aluminium handle with appearance and personality. It has a simple linear design and provides an added touch of functionality and a modern look to the furniture to which it is fitted. It is available in a stainless steel look, brushed black, matt white and in colours which are currently trending such as metallic grey and metallic brown. They each offer several possibilities on different types of kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, in changing rooms and bedrooms.

  • Name PEAK
  • Model 0444
  • Material Aluminium
  • Designer Viefe®

Sizes table

24 30 M1 M23 M41            
Stain steel Look Brushed black Matt white Metallic grey Metallic brown C1 C2 L1 L3 Holes Box
0444064L24 0444064L30 0444064LM1 0444064LM23 0444064LM41 64 120 2 25
0444192L24 0444192L30 0444192LM1 0444192LM23 0444192LM41 192 160 250 4 25
0444448L24 0444448L30 0444448LM1 0444448LM23 0444448LM41 448 160 500 4 25
0444768L24 0444768L30 0444768LM1 0444768LM23 0444768LM41 768 160 800 4 15
04441120L24 04441120L30 04441120LM1 04441120LM23 04441120LM41 1120 160 1150 190 4 15
04441760L24 04441760L30 04441760LM1 04441760LM23 04441760LM41 1760 160 1800 10
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