OTO 0553

The shapes of the Oto handle are inspired by the antique door handles on wooden shutters, a vintage accessory which is still present on many rural houses. For Bernat Llonch, the collection stands out for its classic spirit and reminiscence of the past reinterpreted in a contemporary way. With generous dimensions, it is ideal for bringing a sense of strength and personality to furniture via a really simple way of using it.

Designed by Bernat Llonch, the Oto handle presents itself with a charismatic texturized black finish. Manufactured in zamak, it’s a handle in a vintage style, either in an arched handle shape or a classic door handle shape, it is available in the most popular and widely accepted finishes. Its robust appearance and its rounded edges lend it a contemporary touch optimum for kitchens which stand out for their elegance and functionality. In areas where rustic furniture is predominant, Oto acts as an accessory which adds an aesthetic balance.

  • Name OTO
  • Model 0553
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Bernat Llonch

Sizes table

Black textured Holes Box
0553060ZM22 1 25
0553128ZM22 2 25
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