The funnel shape of this knob, inspired by aesthetics from the 1970s which are now becoming fashionable again, gives it a great personality and sets it apart from the rest. The creative team at the Kaschkasch studio have designed it thinking about its versatility so that it works on drawers and kitchen doors of large dimensions. They have also looked for a way to make its shape and texture even more pleasant when you grip the handle.

A knob designed by the German studio Kaschkasch, available in wood and zamak which incorporates the new finish of mossy gray. The use of wood and zamak as the main materials, means that this accessory fits perfectly well in multiple surroundings and decorative styles. Its versatility and ergonomics means it fits on bathroom and bedroom furniture with a contemporary aesthetic and also in kitchens and on pieces of furniture with a more rustic style. Available in finishes of oak, walnut and matt black in the wooden version and matt white and matt black and the new mossy gray finish in the zamak version.

  • Name CONIC
  • Model 0538
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Kaschkasch

Sizes table

M1 M2 M25        
Matt white Matt black Moss grey Ø H Holes Box
0538029ZM1 0538029ZM2 0538029ZM25 29,4 22 1 25
0538043ZM1 0538043ZM2 0538043ZM25 43 25 1 25
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