GRAF BIG 0486 long

The aluminum handle Graf Big long follows the modern, industrial best-selling aesthetic Graf2. By incorporating height into its design, its long, straight handle has a texture in the style of mesh which ensures a perfect grip. Its single size of 1200 mm is perfect for large cupboards and doors in kitchens, dressing rooms, bedrooms, hotels and for bespoke project style designs. Available in a stainless steel look, dark brushed brass and brushed black, it is a must for tall kitchen and bathroom cupboards giving added character and subtlety to the most minimalist of surroundings.

  • Model 0486
  • Material Aluminium
  • Designer Viefe® Team

Sizes table

24 291 30
Stain steel look Brushed dark brass Brushed black C1 C2 L W H Holes Box
0486192L24 0486192L291 0486192L30 192   –  224 14 41 2 25
0486320L24 0486320L291 0486320L30 320  –  352 14 41 2 25
04861168L24  04861168L291  04861168L30 1168  584  1200  14 41  3 10 
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