LOW 8007

Vinyl discs and CDs have been a fundamental part of contemporary musical culture. They have seen the birth of new genres and the growth of numerous DJs who have influenced the music scene for decades. Inspired by the circular plates on the mixing desks, the designer Hector Diego has created the Low door stopper which pays homage to the impact of DJ culture and the creative arts.

The flat circular shape of the Low door stop means it is totally discreet, but capable of making a difference to any type of space. It is available in a finish of brushed cava coloured brass and lava grey, in two different sizes and its anti-impact black rubber band protects it against further strong blows in any environment, whether it’s a private space or in tailor-made surroundings.

  • Name Low
  • Model 8007
  • Material Aluminium
  • Designer Héctor Diego

Sizes table

L618 LM27        
Brushed brass cava Lava grey Ø Holes Box  
8007048L618 8007048LM27 48 1 12  
8007068L618 8007068LM27 68 1 12  


Fixation with screw


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