COMO 0168

The Como Big knob adds a new dimension to our best-selling model Como. It is manufactured in zamak. The simplicity of its circular shape means that it adapts elegantly to all types of furniture. It is versatile, comfortable to use and it has a wide range of fashionable finishes, such as bright chrome, matt chrome, brushed nickel, brushed gold, matt black and matt white, meaning it can be fitted especially to bathroom furniture and contemporary bedroom drawers.


  • Name COMO
  • Model 0168
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Viefe® Team

Sizes table

01 03 NEW! 06 NEW! 07 NEW! 11 23 26 28 M1 M2        
Polished chrome Polished black nickel Polished cooper Polished brass Matt chrome Brushed nickel Brushed cooper Brushed gold Matt white Matt black L H Holes Box
0168026Z01 0168026Z03 0168026Z06 0168026Z07 0168026Z11 0168026Z23 0168026Z26 0168026Z28 0168026ZM1 0168026ZM2 26 18 1 25
0168041Z01 0168041Z03 0168041Z06 0168041Z07 0168041Z11 0168041Z23 0168041Z26 0168041Z28  0168041ZM1  0168041ZM2   41 25  1 25 

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