PLIÉ 0597

Constant experimentation with geometric shapes and the study of their application in contemporary architecture has led the Teruel & Paré studio to give shape to the Plié handle. Conceived as a volumetric accessory with rational character, its straight lines construct hexagonal figures which coexist in total harmony.

The Plié handle sets itself apart due to the presence of an innovative fold. This detail, as well as giving the handle its name, also provides it with an ergonomic and comfortable grip, excellent for daily use. Available in two sizes and in finishes of matt black, metallic gray and metallic brown, Plié adapts elegantly to all types of decorative styles. Whether it’s for a minimalist kitchen or for more sober bathrooms with large dimensions, its use adds sophistication with a slight industrial look. Its linear design helps to give it an increased sense of order. Plié has been designed to be used exclusively in a horizontal position and so does not allow for vertical application.

  • Name PLIÉ
  • Model 0597
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Teruel & Paré

Sizes table

ZM2 ZM23 ZM41          
Matt black Metal grey Metal brown C L Holes Box  
0597064ZM2 0597064ZM23 0597064ZM41 64 114 2 25  
0597160ZM2 0597160ZM23 0597160ZM41 160 210 2 25  



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