ETO 0591

The timeless elegance of a ballet bar has been the starting point which has led the Kaschkasch Studio to create a new line of handles known as Eto. Attracted by the way that modern dancers express themselves and by the simplicity of the bars where ballerinas rehearse for hours on end, they have developed this collection of minimalist handles which appear to dance an infinite dance on the surface of cupboards.

The Eto handle offers a combination of perfect shapes with its rounded shape and rectangular base. It creates a fusion of practicality and natural aesthetics within the same concept. The pleasant feel of the wood makes it an essential accessory to bring organic connotations to whatever space it is found in. It is versatile and functional as it can be fitted either horizontally or vertically. Eto is the ideal accessory for kitchen cupboards and dressing rooms. Its matt black finish gives it a daring and groundbreaking feel making sure it never goes unnoticed. When fitted onto oak or walnut wood, the fashionable gray lava finish adapts to any kind of surroundings giving it an air of additional elegance. The long version which comes in at 1006 mm is especially recommended for bespoke and retail projects which are looking to include details as regards personality.

  • Name ETO
  • Model 0591
  • Material Aluminium+Wood
  • Designer Kaschkasch

Sizes table

NM2716 (LM27+W16) NM2717 (LM27+W17) NM2M2 (LM2+WM2)            
Lava. grey + Oak Lava grey + Walnut Matt. black + Ash matt black lacquered C1 C2 L Holes Box  
0591160NM2716 0591160NM2717 0591160NM2M2 160 174,6 2 25  
0591320NM2716 0591320NM2717 0591320NM2M2 320 334,6 2 25  
0591992NM2716 0591992NM2717 0591992NM2M2 992 496 1006,6 3 15  



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