LUV Wood 7018

Luv means “against the wind”, in German it’s a word which is widely used in navigation, a source of inspiration for this wall hook which reminds us of smooth undulating lines as found on sails and barges. At the Kaschkasch studio, they describe it as an elegant yet at the same time and at the same time natural thanks to being made of wood.

The Luv wall hook is a designer piece which unites the natural with the modern to provide a functional and aesthetic solution, in order to keep objects organized in any home. In addition to being a piece of organic essence, its compact size makes it perfect for small spaces, such as halls, bathrooms and bedrooms, offering a unique way of bringing nature into the home and creating a calm environment. It also comes in a zamak version.

  • Name LUV
  • Model 7018
  • Material Wood
  • Designer KASCHKASCH

Sizes table

W16 W17 WM2      
Oak Walnut Ash matt black lacquered Holes Box  
7018028W16 7018028W17 7018028WM2 1 6  

Fixation with screw


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