Corner is the angular and linear based wall hook par excellence. With a modern style, it is available in six different finishes which means you can create multiple types of compositions and install it in different types of rooms adding colour and dynamism. Its straight lines contrast with the colours of its finishes, resulting in a unique wall hook that brings personality and groundbreaking touch to walls on which it is fitted. Manufactured in zamak, this design by Alexis Vivet is the perfect accessory for juveniles’ bedrooms, or spaces characterized by vitality, looking for accessories that seem carefree and to add a touch of freshness.

  • Name CORNER
  • Model 7005
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Alexis Vivet

Sizes table

ZM24 + ZM51 ZM24 + ZM81 ZM24 + ZM71 ZM24 + ZM25 ZM24 + ZM1 ZM24 + ZM2 Holes Box
Anthracite grey + Yellow Anthracite grey + Blue turquoise Anthracite grey + Pink Anthracite grey + Moss grey Anthracite grey + Matt white Anthracite grey + Matt black    
7005030ZM2451 7005030ZM2481 7005030ZM2471 7005030ZM2425 7005030ZM24M1 7005030ZM24M2 2


Fixing with screws (screws and instructions included)

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