The Oblong knob marks a before and after in the range of knobs in leather that Viefe®has designed up until now. It’s characterized by its class and distinction thanks to the comfort and warmth that its high-quality materials bring. Manufactured in zamak and leather, this elegant knob has an infinite number of combinations which allows it to be fitted in all different types of spaces. All its different elements can be personalized: the zamak button -in polished chrome, brushed grey, brushed gold, matt white or matt black- and the leather strap -in beige, black or brown. The Oblong collection includes a knob version and handle version which can be combined to create surroundings that are full of warmth.

  • Name Oblong
  • Model 0507
  • Material Leather / Zamak
  • Designer Frank Person

Sizes table


  Button 26 36 99 Holes Box
  Beige Brown Black    
01 Polished chrome 0507070P2601 0507070P3601 0507070P9901 1 25
01 Polished chrome 0507160P2601 0507160P3601 0507160P9901 2 25
28 Brushed gold 0507070P2628 0507070P3628 0507070P9928 1 25
28 Brushed gold 0507160P2628 0507160P3628 0507160P9928 2 25
31 Brushed grey 0507070P2631 0507070P3631 0507070P9931 1 25
31 Brushed grey 0507160P2631 0507160P3631 0507160P9931 2 25
M1 Matt white 0507070P26M1     1 25
M1 Matt white 0507160P26M1     2 25
M2 Matt black 0507070P26M2 0507070P36M2 0507070P99M2 1 25
M2 Matt black 0507160P26M2 0507160P36M2 0507160P99M2 2 25
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