LAND 0494 knob

The Land knob with its vintage aesthetic is characterized by its rustic and timeless style. Designed by Hector Diego and manufactured in zamak, it’s the perfect knob for industrial aesthetics and vintage decoration. This round shaped knob is structured in three parts: a flat base which works as the foot of the knob and adds consistency to the slim shank which functions as the handle. The front part of Land has a circular shape, perfectly structured on two levels which provide perspective. Available in four finishes -tin, antique brass, matt or brushed black-, the knob version and the handle version mean you can create an infinite number of combinations, generating unique atmospheres that are full of personality.

  • Name Land
  • Model 0494
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Héctor Diego

Sizes table


28 610 614 M2 Holes Box
Brushed gold Pewter Antique brass Matt black      
0494040Z28 0494040Z610 0494040Z614 0494040ZM2 1 25
0494064Z28 0494064Z610 0494064Z614 0494064ZM2 2 25
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