HEXXA 0449

Hexxa is a handle with an aluminum built-in profile with an innovative design, different to all the models manufactured at Viefe® until now. Its two sides have a small incline which gives it a visual effect that is both modern and elegant. The singular characteristic of this model is that it allows you to play with a combination of sizes, as one of the doors can have a longer handle than the other so as to emphasize its fashionable features. It is a handle that can adapt to any size of door measurement that you wish, it is fitted without any complication and means the door can be opened and closed in a really comfortable way. It is available in matt white, matt black, metallic grey and metallic brown. It has been created especially to be fitted to kitchen cupboards and drawers.

  • Name HEXXA
  • Model 0449
  • Material Aluminium
  • Designer Alexis Vivet

Sizes table

M1 NEW! M2 NEW! M23 NEW! M41 NEW!
Matt white Matt Black Metallic grey Metallic brown L Box
0449200LM1 0449200LM2 0449200LM23 0449200LM41 200 25
0449350LM1 0449350LM2 0449350LM23 0449350LM41 350 25
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