GRADA 0343

The Grada integrated handle is part of the Viefe® ‘hidden handle’ range. When inserted into doors and drawers these products are almost invisible, leaving the furniture free of any visual differences. The Grada works especially well when used in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, as well as other home areas. Available in 14 sizes and in bars with a length of 3 meters. In order to provide a wide range of styles to match furniture choices, this handle is available in anodised matt finish, anodised polish, stainless steel look and black and white.

  • Name GRADA
  • Model 0343
  • Material Aluminium
  • Designer Viefe® Team

Sizes table

04 24 M1 M2 02    
Anodised matt Stainless steel look Matt white Matt black Anodised polish L Box
0343147L04 0343147L24 0343147LM1 0343147LM2 147 15
0343197L04 0343197L24 0343197LM1 0343197LM2 197 15
0343247L04 0343247L24 0343247LM1 0343247LM2 247 15
0343297L04 0343297L24 0343297LM1 0343297LM2 297 15
0343347L04 0343347L24 0343347LM1 0343347LM2 347 15
0343397L04 0343397L24 0343397LM1 0343397LM2 397 15
0343447L04 0343447L24 0343447LM1 0343447LM2 447 10
0343497L04 0343497L24 0343497LM1 0343497LM2 497 10
0343597L04 0343597L24 0343597LM1 0343597LM2 597 10
0343697L04 0343697L24 0343697LM1 0343697LM2 697 10
0343797L04 0343797L24 0343797LM1 0343797LM2 797 10
0343897L04 0343897L24 0343897LM1 0343897LM2 897 5
0343997L04 0343997L24 0343997LM1 0343997LM2 997 5
03431197L04 03431197L24 03431197LM1 03431197LM2 1197 5
03433000L04 03433000L24 03433000LM1 03433000LM2 03433000L02 3000 15

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