PUK 8002

The reinterpretation of Yayoi Kusama’s iconic circles by Kaschkasch when creating the Puk door stopper is a demonstration of how art and design can find synergy to create unique pieces. In this case, the German design studio has captured the essence of Kusama’s work which is characterized by the use of repetitive patterns of spots and circles. Puk takes the functionality of door stops to a new dimension.

Puk is a piece of decoration in itself. With its ability to be fitted to all types of floors by the use of an adhesive, it is an easy option and really practical to install. This door stopper boasts the use of a rubber suspension mechanism which reduces the sound made when closing the door. In addition, as it is made using an organic material, in this case wood, this allows you to create interesting visual effects in any type of space.

  • Name PUK
  • Model 8002
  • Material Wood
  • Designer Kaschkasch

Sizes table

W16 W17 WM2    
Oak Walnut Ash matt black lacquered Box  
8002065W16 8002065W17 8002065WM2 12  


Fixation with adhesive


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