The symmetrical and straight lined aesthetic of the Arpa handle reminds us of the influences of the art deco style which appeared significantly in the 1920s during the last century and which is back in style today. This decorative style is based on geometry, elegance and the use of industrial materials and metallic finishes to create exclusive decorative objects.

Arpa is an exclusive design by the Viefe® Team which was inspired by the successful Graf model to which it owes its character. Produced in aluminum and available in finishes of stainless steel, dark brushed brass and brushed black, the Arpa handle incorporates the finest of vertical lines which add style, comfort and adherence when it is used. The possibility of adding a plate to its base means it can be fitted in any type of environment and looks great with all types of furniture styles without losing its elegance and industrial aesthetic by which it is characterized. Its four dimensions mean that you can play around with the interior design of all types of kitchens, bathrooms, dressing rooms, bedrooms and other specifically designed spaces.

  • Model 0588
  • Material Aluminium
  • Designer Viefe® Team

Sizes table

L24 L291 L30 L623              
Stainless steel look Brushed brass Brushed black Anqtique brass C1 C2 L Ø Holes Box  
0588022L24 0588022L291 0588022L30 0588022L623     100 22 1 25  
0588070L24 0588070L291 0588070L30 0588070L623 70 1 25  
0588192L24 0588192L291 0588192L30 0588192L623 192 230 2 25  
0588320L24 0588320L291 0588320L30 320 358 2 25  
05881178L24 05881178L291 05881178L30 1178 589 1216 3 10  



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