TIK 7012

Tik is a wall hook in aluminium designed by the Viefe® Team. This dynamic model is characterized by a simple, pleasant, juvenile design with rounded edges. Available in six colours, Tik is fixed to the wall using its adhesive interior part. Its upper part, slightly inclined, acts as the wall hook. It is perfect for surroundings which require practicality and easily combined accessories. Playing around with Tik and Tok hangers on the same wall you can create fun, practical, juvenile compositions that are functional at the same time.

  • Name TIK
  • Model 7012
  • Material Aluminium
  • Designer Viefe Studio

Sizes table

LM1 LM2 LM25 LM51 LM71 LM81 W H L Box
Matt white Matt black Moss grey Yellow Pink Blue turquoise        
7012040LM1 7012040LM2 7012040LM25 7012040LM51 7012040LM71 7012040LM81 40 125 47 6
7012025LM1 7012025LM2 25 80 30 12


Adhesive fixation

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