BUGGY 8003

Inspired by all-terrain buggies and their capacity for adaptation and resistance, the German studio Kaschkasch has created the Buggy door stopper. With its curvy aerodynamic design, Buggy presents a modern and sporty look capable of withstanding the strongest of impacts and also being resistant to the passing of time.

The Buggy door stopper is an elegant accessory for all types of spaces that require a perfect combination between practicality and aesthetics. It is designed using durable materials like aluminium and silicone which make it a safe and timeless option. Its two finishes which have recently been incorporated into the Viefe range, brushed cava coloured brass and lava grey, make this door stopper an example of durability and design expressed to its maximum.

  • Name Buggy
  • Model 8003
  • Material Alumini
  • Designer Kaschkasch

Sizes table

L618 LM27    
Brushed brass cava Gris lava Caixa  
8003047L618 8003047LM27 12  


Fixation with screw


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