Alexis Vivet has managed to capture the essence of the amazing geographical features found in the valleys lying between mountains with the new Valley handle. Its minimalist design in the shape of a wide V reflects the aesthetic of these natural depressions and, as a result, makes a beautifully unique piece with completely harmonious lines.

The Valley handle has inclined edges which not only invoke the valleys on which it is inspired, but they are also ergonomic and practical giving a sense that it hovers over the furniture surface and is easy to use. It comes in four different finishes: two glossy ones (brushed, black nickel and glossy brass) and two matt ones (brushed brass and matt black) which means that Valley can adapt itself to any environment and decorative style. The glossy finish perfectly combines with taps in modern kitchens whereas the matt finishes add personality and an industrial touch to both bath rooms and living rooms. As well as being a decorative accessory, the Valley handle serves as a daily reminder as to the beauty of nature.

  • Name Valley
  • Model 0602
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Alexis Vivet

Sizes table

Z03 Z07 Z618 ZM2        
Polished black nickel Polished brass Brushed brass cava Matt black C L Holes Box
0602160Z03 0602160Z07 0602160Z618 0602160ZM2 160 223 2 25
0602256Z03 0602256Z07 0602256Z618 0602256ZM2 256 330 2 25



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