WAY 0518

Way is an aluminum handle designed by the Viefe® Team which is characterized by its versatility and pragmatism. With a simple linear structure, this handle can be easily fitted to cupboard doors and drawers with chameleonic results. Way is the perfect handle for surroundings with a minimal aesthetic looking for subtle details. Its four different sizes and the long version -1.100mm -are available in five finishes -anodized matt, stainless steel look, brushed black and brushed grey- and make way the ideal handle to combine with all types of colours of furniture.

  • Name Way
  • Model 0518
  • Material Aluminium
  • Designer Viefe Studio

Sizes table

04 09 24 29 M1 C C1/2 C2 L Holes Box
Anodized matt Matt black Stainless steel look Brushed dark brass Matt White              
0518032L04 0518032L09 0518032L24 0518032L29 0518032LM1 32 50 2 25
0518064L04 0518064L09 0518064L24 0518064L29 0518064LM1 64 100 2 25
0518128L04 0518128L09 0518128L24 0518128L29 0518128LM1 128 200 2 25
0518320L04 0518320L09 0518320L24 0518320L29 0518320LM1 320 400 2 25
0518736L04 0518736L09 0518736L24 0518736L29 0518736LM1 736 368 800 3 25
05181056L04 05181056L09 05181056L24 05181056L29 05181056LM1 1056 352 1100 4 15
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