WAVE 0119

The Wave collection is inserted into each piece of furniture as it formed a part of that particular piece. Its handles have been created to fit perfectly with the vast majority of current styles. Its installation process is simple and the results are spectacular. Whether square or rectangular, its finish in either glossy chrome, matt black or a stainless steel effect is synonymous with practicality and an avant-garde style. Manufactured in zamak.

  • Name WAVE
  • Model 0119
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Viefe® Team

Sizes table

01 23 M2 NEW!        
Polished chrome Brushed nickel Matt Black C L Holes Box
0119032Z01 0119032Z23 0119032ZM2 32 45 2 25
0119160Z01 0119160Z23  0119160ZM2 160 173 2 25

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