Wallace is a handle made in zamak which has lots of strength and personality thanks to its design and to its shiny finishes. Available in polished chrome, polished black nickel, polished copper and polished brass, it is characterized by its subtle straight lines engraved onto its surface which lend it a unique style, bringing elegance and a way of differentiating to cupboards and drawers onto which it is installed. With smooth, rounded edges it gives you a really comfortable user experience. Designed by Alexis Vivet, it is a high-quality handle which leaves nobody indifferent.

  • Name Wallace
  • Model 0503
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Alexis Vivet

Sizes table

01 03 06 07 Holes Box
Polished chrome Polished black nickel Polished copper Polished brass      
0503128Z01 0503128Z03 0503128Z06 0503128Z07 2 25
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