VERSO 0411

Verso is a multifunctional, arched shaped handle which also comes in a knob format. They can also be used separately or  together to create more innovative combinations on the same piece of furniture. The chamfered edges give it an added touch of personality and timeless elegance which makes it stand out amongst other more lineally designed handles. It comes in four different finishes that means it can be fitted to all types of furniture and decorative styles. It is manufactured in Zamak.

  • Name VERSO
  • Model 0411
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Teruel & Paré

Sizes table

01 23 610 614 Holes Box
Polished chrome
Brushed nickel
Pewter Antique brass
0411015Z01 0411015Z23 0411015Z610 0411015Z614 1 25
0411192Z01 0411192Z23 0411192Z610 0411192Z614 2 25


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