U 0056

U it’s a handle with straight lines, delicate and elegant. A fundamental and 100% practical bestseller, it adapts to perfection to different styles of furniture. A model that never goes out of fashion and is characterized by the versatility of its finish. It comes in a bright chrome finish, matt chrome, matt black, brushed nickel, brushed brass, brushed grey and brushed copper.
Available in 4 sizes in order to ensure its position on all types of projects. Manufactured in zamak. Its size of 500mm means it is ideal for cupboards and doors with medium dimensions.

  • Name U
  • Model 0056
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Viefe® Team

Sizes table

01 11 23 M2 27 26 31 C L  Holes  Box
Polished chrome
Matt chrome
Brushed nickel
Matt black
Brushed brass
Brushed cooper
 Brushed grey
0056128Z01 0056128Z11 0056128Z23 0056128ZM2 0056128Z27 0056128Z26  0056128Z31 128 136,5 2 25
0056160Z01  0056160Z11  0056160Z23  0056160ZM2  0056160Z27  0056160Z26  0056160Z31 160 168,5 2  25
0056192Z01 0056192Z11 0056192Z23 0056192ZM2 0056192Z27 0056192Z26  0056192Z31 192 200,5 2 25
0056320Z01 0056320Z11 0056320Z23 0056320ZM2 0056320Z27 0056320Z26  0056320Z31 320 328,5 2 25
0056492Z01 0056492Z11 0056492Z23 0056492ZM2 0056492Z27 0056492Z26  0056492Z31 492 500,5 2 25

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