TRESS 0260

The translucent handle Tress comes in several different colours: grey, violet, brown and green. Four options get the most out of a piece of furniture with same tones to lend a touch of colour to lighter coloured furniture.  It also available in transparent and in black and white for other styles of fitting. Manufactured in zamak and acrylic.

  • Name TRESS
  • Model 0260
  • Material Zamak + Acrylic
  • Designer Viefe® Team

Sizes table

01+01 01+02 01+T1 01+T3 01+T4 01+T7 01+T2    
Polished chrome + White Polished chrome + Black Polished chrome + Transparent Polished chrome + Transparent green Polished chrome + Transparent brown Polished chrome+ Transparent violet Polished chrome+ Transparent grey  Holes Box
0260160V0101 0260160V0102 0260160V01T1 0260160V01T3 0260160V01T4 00260160V01T7 0260160V01T2 2 25

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