STEEP 0379 / 0380 / 0382

The Steep is a hidden-type handle that is inserted in the corner of a piece of furniture, defining a 45° angle that facilitates opening. It is suitable for drawers in bedrooms, in bathrooms and in kitchen furniture. As it is invisible when viewed from the front, it neither adds nor detracts from the look of the furniture, while guaranteeing optimum functionality. Available for different thicknesses of furniture, from 16 mm to 22 mm. Available in a single length of 3 meters. Made in in aluminium.

  • Name STEEP
  • Model 0379 / 0380 / 0382
  • Material Aluminium
  • Designer Viefe® Team

Sizes table

02 24 L W H  Box  Porta
Anodized polished Inox look
03793000L02 3000 17,5 18,5 15 16mm
03803000L02 03803000L24 3000 21 21,8 15 18-19mm

03823000L24 3000 24 24,8 15 22mm

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