STEEP 0379 / 0380 / 0382

Steep is a hidden handle which is inserted into the side of a piece of furniture making a 45º angle which means it’s easier to open. Manufactured in aluminum, it is ideal for chests of drawers in bedrooms and pieces of bathroom and kitchen furniture. As it is a handle that is invisible from the front, it gives total protagonism to the piece of furniture and guarantees its maximum functionality. It is available for three different thicknesses of furniture from 16mm to 22mm. It can be supplied in bespoke measurements or in 3 metres bars meaning it is easy to install on drawers and doors. In line with the most recent trends and the success of the Steep handle, we are expanding our range of finishes with the modern, currently trending colour of black: an option often repeated in today’s most modern interior designs.

  • Name STEEP
  • Model 0379 / 0380 / 0382
  • Material Aluminium
  • Designer Viefe® Team

Sizes table

02 24 M2 NEW! L W H  Box  Door
Anodized polished Stain. steel look Matt black          
03793000L02 3000 17,5 18,5 15 16
03803000L02 03803000L24 03803000LM2 3000 21 21,8 15 18-19
03823000L24 3000 24 24,8 15 22

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