SEIKO 0150

The Seiko knobs are based on the idea that less is more. They are both light and functional and come in striking colours (lime, violet, orange, pink, blue, black and white) in a transparent halo trim. Their acrylic finish gives them a modern look with a “pop” reminiscence. Decorating a piece of furniture with these knobs guarantees us comfort and dynamism. Made in acrylic with polyester resin injected.

  • Name SEIKO
  • Model 0150
  • Material Acrylic
  • Designer Viefe® Team

Sizes table

01 02 03 13 62 73 81    
White Black Lime Violet Orange Pink Blue Holes Box
0150050A01 0150050A02 0150050A03 0150050A13 0150050A62 0150050A73 0150016A81 1 25

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