DIPO 0556

To create the Dipo handle, Bernat Llonch was inspired by harmonious, concentric circles which are drawn on the water once something has fallen in it. The idea of using the circle as a repetitive figure means that this handle is really easy to add on an aesthetic level with any piece of furniture. Its minimalist design simplifies its installation, and its reduced dimensions means that it is really easy to use.

A built-in handle designed by Bernat Llonch, it is available in finishes of matt white, matt black and mossy gray with a base made out of zamak. It is synonymous with ergonomics, geometry and comfort. Its circular shape and its three finishes means the perfect tone can be found for each and every surrounding. Dipo combines perfectly with furniture which has matt metallic details. A fashionable accessory, really functional and made a specially for kitchens and bathrooms of small dimensions.

  • Name DIPO
  • Model 0556
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Bernat Llonch

Sizes table

M1 M2 M25    
Matt white Matt black Moss grey Holes Box
0556070ZM1 0556070ZM2 0556070ZM25 1 25
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