RAIL 0511 knob

Rail is an aluminum handle designed by Teruel i Paré which really makes it one of our designs par excellence. Available in four sizes, it can be fitted perfectly onto cupboards and drawers in kitchens, bathrooms, dressing rooms and offices giving each a touch of modernity and design. Made in aluminum it contributes added personality and modernity to furniture via its three elegant finishes: stainless steel look, brushed black and brushed cava.

  • Name Rail
  • Model 0511
  • Material Aluminium
  • Designer Teruel & Paré

Sizes table


24 30 618 C1 C2 L Holes Caja  
Stainless steel look Brushed black Brushed brass cava              
0511160L24 0511160L30 0511160L618 160 180 2 25  
0511192L24 0511192L30 0511192L618 192 280 2 25  
0511576L24 0511576L30 0511576L618 576 192 600 4 15  
05111120L24 05111120L30 05111120L618 1120 192 1150 4 15 *Off-center
05111120L24R 05111120L30R 05111120L618R 1120 192 1150 4 15 *Off-center
*The two 1150mm are symmetrical and one is left and the other right


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