PLEC 0282 / 0283

The Plec is a brushed stainless steel handle, featuring two symmetrical folds with gently, upwardly slanting ends. Available in square and rectangular formats. Being a steel handle, it lends a contemporary and sophisticated look to sliding doors.  This item comes with a 3M adhesive for quick and easy installation, although it may also be fitted with silicone or UV.

  • Name PLEC
  • Model 0282 / 0283
  • Material Stainless steel
  • Designer Oriol Barri

Sizes table

Brushed stainless steel L W Holes
0282075S25 75 75 2
0282150S25 150 75 2
0283050S25 50 50 2
0283150S25 150 50 2


3M tape included.

Installable with 3M, silicona, UV.

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