OPALE 0120

The organically shaped Opale knobs are inspired by stones and pieces of wood that remind us of a Zen garden. Their design adapts harmoniously to both ethnic and colonial furniture styles. It’s a natural aesthetic complement, ideal to achieving a relaxing environment. Made from polyester resin in two sizes and 3 types of finish: watery white, watery brown or very dark brown.

  • Name OPALE
  • Model 0120
  • Material Acrylic
  • Designer Viefe® Team

Sizes table

FJ4 OP1 OP5        
Dark brown White Brown L H Holes Caja
0120038AFJ4 0120038AOP1 0120038AOP5 38 20 1 25
0120055AFJ4 0120055AOP1 0120055AOP5 55 25 1 25

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