NOMA 0254 / 0255

The undulating shape of the aluminium Noma handle and its graceful lines make it an outstanding feature in kitchen and bathroom interior design of all kinds. Its aesthetic harmony and originality make it an eye-catching feature. Its wave-like design really stands out on cabinets and drawers. Available in polished anodised, stainless steel look and antique bronze finishes. To install, simply screw through the rear face of any door or drawer.

  • Name NOMA
  • Model 0254 / 0255
  • Material Aluminium
  • Designer 2J Design

Sizes table

02 24 613  NEW! C L Holes   Box  Door
Polished anodised Stainless steel look Antique bronze
0254128L02 0254128L24 0254128L613 128 200 2 25 19mm
0254256L02 0254256L24 0254256L613 256 350 2 25 19mm
0255128L24 128 200 2 25 22mm
0255256L24 256 350 2 25 22mm

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