MYRA 0337

The Myra handle is made in acrylic, it has a practical design and a light-hearted touch. Its appearance conveys optimism and originality, connotations that are conveyed to any kitchen, bathroom or furniture where it is fitted. Its completely smooth surface has a pleasant touch that perfectly suits lacquered furniture. A variety of colour options are available: black base, light blue or pink combined with a white surface or grey base and combined with a pale pink, green or brown surface.

  • Name MYRA
  • Model 0337
  • Material Acrylic
  • Designer Viefe® Team

Sizes table

02+01 83+01 75+01 21+76 21+33 21+41        
Black + White Sky blue + White Pink + White Grey + Pale pink Grey + Green Grey + Brown C L Holes Box
0337016A0201 0337016A8301 0337016A7501 0337016A2176 0337016A2133 0337016A2141 16 42 2 25
0337096A0201 0337096A8301 0337096A7501 0337096A2176 0337096A2133 0337096A2141 96 122 2 25
0337192A0201 0337192A8301 0337192A7501 0337192A2176 0337192A2133 0337192A2141 192 218 2 25

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