MAGIC BALOONS 0154 / 0155

Rounded handles with a white background in which we can see children playing with a balloon in striking colours: yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, pink and red. Discrete and innocent, they add a special detail to any type of juvenile furniture. It has a wooden base and the detail of the balloon is in acrylic.

  • Model 0154 / 0155
  • Designer Vabau

Sizes table

  65 62 32 84 85 75 07    
  Yellow Orange Green Blue Lilac Pink Red Holes Box
Boy 0154100W0165 0154100W0162 0154100W0132 0154100W0184 0154100W0185 0154100W0175 0154100W0107 2 12



0155100W0162 0155100W0132 0155100W0184 0155100W0185 0155100W0175 0155100W0107 2 12
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