The Renaissance artist Giotto impressed Pope Boniface VIII by drawing a circle with exact proportions by hand. Fascinated by the perfection of this geometric shape the team at the Balluto Associati studio have designed this knob with the aim of adding pleasing details to the simplicity of the circle which is already perfect in itself. They define the Disc knob as “the bottom of a wardrobe” which unites economics, functionality and elegance. The reflection of the light on its surface gives it a timeless charm which acquires different shades as the hours of the day pass by.

Designed by Balutto Associati in Italy, the knob known as Disc is available in both zamak and wood. Its pleasant circular shape adds harmony to those pieces of furniture onto which it is installed. It’s a revamp of a classic design with multiple possibilities, available in two sizes and three finishes for each material. The 50 mm diameter works perfectly on large kitchen drawers. The wooden version, produced and extracted from sustainable forests in Denmark makes it a knob that’s 100% environmentally friendly. The wooden finishes bare in oak and walnut and matt black and the zamak version is in brushed nickel, brass and matt black. Its design is easily combined with other knobs and handles from Viefe®.

  • Name DISC
  • Model 0530
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Balutto Associati

Sizes table

Z23 Z618 ZM1 ZM2        
Brushed nickel Brushed brass cava Matt white Matt black Ø H Holes Box
0530038Z23 0530038Z618 0530038ZM1 0530038ZM2 38 20,4 1 25
0530050Z23 0530050Z618 0530050ZM1 0530050ZM2 50 27 1 25
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