KARES 0306

The Kares handle has a versatile design that works well in all types of spaces, especially in contemporary aesthetic kitchens. Its triangular shape lends it both originality and style. It is totally ergonomic and is available in polished chrome finish, brushed nickel or matt white finishes. Made in zamak.

Instalación del tirador Kares de Viefe from Viefe Handles on Vimeo.

  • Name KARES
  • Model 0306
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Alexis Vivet

Sizes table

01 23 M1        
Polished chrome Brushed nickel Matt white C L Holes Box
0306032Z01 0306032Z23 0306032ZM1 32 88 2 25
0306096Z01 0306096Z23 0306096ZM1 96 152 2 25
0306192Z01 0306192Z23 0306192ZM1 192 312 2 25

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